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What is the internet?

Staggeringly, this is a genuine question I was asked by a well-spoken if borderline elderly gentleman in a hotel lobby last week. It struck me how staggeringly insignificant the contents of the web are to so many people – something that needs to be taken very seriously indeed by marketeers, opinion-seekers and those promoting the web’s meritocracy and democratic access. Granted, very few people in the UK are probably asking what the word “internet” means – but something like the web is certainly not democratic if access to it is restricted so massively by disposable income and/or access to public services, or on bandwidth which is an issue close to home even in rural parts of the UK.

Even though internet penetration is growing by double-figured percentages, access in the developing world remains crushingly low: 31.9% in Latin America/Caribbean, 20.1% in Asia and just 8.7% in Africa.

The net-doubters’ claim was once that internet penetration would be restricted by age: only when the 20-somethings of today become the power-holders will the internet really be relevant. But this isn’t born out in the stats. The biggest determining factor appears to be wealth.

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2 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    Actually, I’m starting to find marketing/advertising featuring poems read by affable-sounding Northeners more annoying/patronising than jargon.

  2. Mark says:

    Hi, my earlier comment was supposed to go with the latest post! Apols.

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