Steffan Aquarone

Steff is a film producer and technology entrepreneur who speaks internationally on innovation, entrepreneurship and digital marketing

What about words?

Whatever happened to the Ad Men of old? Undoubtedly it’s a good thing that the gross misogyny of Lionsgate Films’ US series Man Men has subsided. But where are the witty strap-lines in adverts today, that were once the preserve of these men?

Advertisers have becomes fixated with price, celebrity endorsement and whiter-than-white imagery. Billboards scream their value propositions as loudly as they can. So-called “blog” copy is hyperbolic rubbish written by marketers who’ve had their common sense glands removed.

The language of advertising has turned from dinner party to Saturday market.

Success in the digital space requires a different approach. Good brands are being established on the old-fashioned principle of delivering a great product and letting the customers do the talking. Screaming about your USPs has no place here. Honest, straightforward language wins.

Just look at

A few words can have tremendous power, especially in digital marketing. There are strap lines from the 90s that I still remember: “I’m a smarter investor: Alliance & Leicester”.

Online or offline: it’s time for a softer approach. Give a customer something in your advertising that makes them think, laugh or smile and they’ll love you forever. Goodness knows you might even stand out.

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