Steffan Aquarone

Steff is a film producer and technology entrepreneur who speaks internationally on innovation, entrepreneurship and digital marketing

Getting it right: how to approach a successful online video strategy

Before you can set about deploying online video to improve any aspect of your organisation, take a step back and think about your audience. In 2012, online video viewers have billions of other things they could be watching instead and for you to produce successful content you need to think about how it’s going to help your customers.

This means turning the rhetoric of traditional TV advertising and corporate film on its head and building your strategy around what your audiences will find genuinely useful, entertaining or interesting. You can’t got out and just “produce a viral video”: the opportunities presented by social video, the ‘viral’ spread effect and content sharing all depend upon having content people are willing to share. You can still spend money on video advertising online, but it will cost more and achieve less than producing content people actually want to watch.

Online video offers marketers an exciting and powerful way of reaching audiences that can be very measurable. Straightened times offer opportunities to try new things, and a well-executed online video strategy can deliver fantastic results. Like most things, getting it right will probably cost more than you think. But your focus has to switch from saying things you or the brand want to say, to saying things your customers will want to watch and hear.

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