Steffan Aquarone

Steff is a film producer and technology entrepreneur who speaks internationally on innovation, entrepreneurship and digital marketing

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Venio Services Ltd., 12 Melcombe Place, Westminster, London NW1 6JJ

Company Registration Number: 007162715
VAT Registration Number: 985801580

Telephone: 07879 451608


2 Responses

  1. Pat Bend says:

    Thanks for the write up Steph. From your comments I was visited at the NEC by a media company who did a little peace on Textiles by St Annes. The power of the interne!! They had read your blog, recognized our company name and also my name . I was on the Chamber of Commerce standat Sustainability live, with only a little bit of information and a few samples of the recycled bags we are producing
    It was an absolute delight to show you around our projects and give you an insight into what Social firms can achieve. I want to shout about our work from the rooftops. So thanks again for your time and effort in helping tell our story.
    I will send the email address later to day relating the prototype work .
    Speak soon


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